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  1. hello and thanks

    i read ur blog for a long time

    its great

    there are many different opintions

    and i learn a lot from this blog

    i love those pics

    and i want to find many more about IKE Reiko

    but you know in china

    its difficult to get many informations about her on net

    Could u send me some pics of Reiko?

    thanks again !!!

    my e-mail:

    my english is poor 🙁 please dont mind ……

  2. Hello,
    Thanks for your visits on my modest -but passionnate- blog. I’m glad to learn that someone in Beijing has an interest for it.
    Concerning the pictures of Reiko Ike, well, it’s not in my habits to send pictures like this by mail, I hope you understand.
    But you can have a look on
    they have some pictures of her (but be aware that finding some stuff about her isn’t really that easy).
    Have a nice day and good luck for your search.
    Don’t forget to « drink cold »!

  3. Olrik:

    Thanks for your help!

    i look that blog by google reader its very professional

    In your reply you said »but be aware that finding some stuff about her isn’t really that easy »

    i suggest a website to you

    try this gensun-images 。 com

  4. and i want to tell you is, In our country, there is a devil named GFW, he refuse us to look too many websites abroad,like « youtube » « blogspot » and so on. Most importantly , The goverment control the devil .so we can`t look for our interesting thing . So , Do you know how diffcult to me ……

    i come here every day and i like here

    Drink cold~!
    No future~!

  5. But the GFW let you go to blog like Bulles de Japon or Drink Cold? Or have you find a way to avoid the control of GFW?
    In any case I can imagine your situation and the fact that my Blog and Drink Cold are like windows of an expression of a cultural freedom is great for me.

    To return back to Reiko Ike, I know gensun images. But once again, even with this tool, pictures of Ike are not so numerous than those for other actresses.

    Perhaps in july or august, I’ll make an article about her. Wait and see.

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